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    The Mirror is a project I rendered using Octane Render. Entirely made with CGI softwares, no Photoshop retouching. At all.
Here is my latest CGI projet.
Composed with Sketchup.
Models from Archibase (except candles)
All textures by myself.
Rendered with Octane.
No photoshop, except Auto Contrast and Lens Effect.
More technical details on Octane Forum
The general view.
Close up with a nice mix of materials.
I wanted to recreate tiny scratches on the figurine, to reproduce a sculpted material effect.
I had a tough time getting a realistic sub-surface scattering effect on candles mixed with bump and specular maps for a more realistic visual effect.
The challenge here was to make it old and scratched, in a natural way. (real bump map and not a Photoshop Layer in the picture)
Closer look on some textures.
Scratched and rusted metal.
Details of the dirty surface on the mirror.