Colorado Disability Funding Committee Web site
Colorado Disability Funding Committee Site
May and June, 2017: While working for the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA), I created a new web minisite for the Disability Funding Committee (DFC). The website, like all Colorado State Agency websites, is provisioned by the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) and is a very basic and limited installation of Drupal. I communicated with both the committee manager and SIPA to transition DFC's web presence from a long, scrolling page within DPA's minisite to a new eight-page minisite.
Desktop and mobile screenshots of the Disability Funding Committee's new web site home page.
I had a broad role in this project; I was the project manager, site designer, site builder, and accessibility specialist. 
* I moved the project along by submitting the request for a minisite and new domain, along with the appropriate redirects necessary when moving content.
* I worked with the graphic designer at the governor's graphic design department to acquire the approved state shield lockup logo for the top banner. 
* I cropped and optimized the graphic of the inner capitol dome for the slider image. 
* I worked with the existing PDF archived minutes and agenda files by adding appropriate metadata, tagging for accessibility, and running OCR when appropriate. 
* I worked with the committee manager to acquire an office-level Gmail account so we could host the archived minutes and agendas in Google Drive. 
* Since I had pre-planned all the content of the site, I was able to build this site in one day when the approval from SIPA came through and the domain was granted. It was a true "Rapid Track" project!