Filter017「FCL OUTDOOR LAB」Screen Printing Poster
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    Filter017「FCL OUTDOOR LAB」Screen Printing Poster
Filter017「FCL OUTDOOR LAB」Screen Printing Poster -Limited handmade printmaking

In 2010 and 2011 Filter017 were launched two limited handmade screen prints,
those handmade screen prints are sold out in a short time,thanks to all collectors friends support.
In 2012 Filter017 design team used the creative theme call"FCL OUTDOOR LAB"
officially launches the third handmade screen prints.
This time we challenges more difficulty in printing techniques,
The production process is used more complex and higher cost 「composite printing technology」
try to be combined with the printing and the traditional manual screen printing each other in two ways,
For this,we already failed research several times in the recombination process,
finally to the complicated processes to overcome the problems caused by the wrong version of the paper in the printing process by heat shrinkable,
The results is not come easily.
For reach the texture to the art quality,using imported paper material as source,From the paper,ink select and ink proportion,
from the know - how to printers law and knack,In the finished product are exquisite craftsmanship.

"FCL OUTDOOR LAB" limited edition handmade net printmaking has introduced two versions,
respectively "camouflage classic version" with "noctilucent special edition".
In accordance with established practice,in addition to the general release.
Filter017 always given their own special version greater challenges, and bring you more surprise!
Charming uniqueness and higher also works to add value to the collection.

The FCL OUTDOOR LAB series particularly gravitates toward outdoor styles which have gotten much attention in recent years.
This new attempt also reflects Filter017’s graphic design style that has been maintained throughout its product evolution.
In terms of the visual and graphic technique, this series embodies vintage American outdoor styles fused with ideas about leisure,
travel, outdoor activities, and exotic cultures.
Furthermore, this was incorporated with the themes of introspection, self-challenge, and environmental protection.
The effort encourages civilized human beings who live in cities to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature instead of being consumed with work and technology.
It also brings into our consciousness the importance of protecting mother nature and inspires people to challenge their limitations.

*Each printmaking also have the Filter017 exclusive anti-counterfeiting stamp,autograph and a limited number to packaging with drawing tubes*

Dimensions: 50 X 70 (cm) * You can use ready-made picture frames sold by IKEA *
paper material: art printmaking paper
Printing manner: handmadescreen printing
Camouflage the Classic (camouflage): global limit of 110 Price: NT $ 1380 / 48US $ / 290RMB
noctilucent Special Edition (black and white): global limit of 70 Price: NT $ 1880 / 65US $ / 390RMB
combined purchase Collection price: NT $ 3000 / US $ 100 / RMB640

* Art prints forgive no member discount *

Release Date: 2012.10.19

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