Phenome - organic skincare products
For organic skincare products.

We really like the idea of new brand and store concept natural, organic cosmetics, which would take care both of our skin and our planet.

We were in this project from the very begining, and took part in many stages of brand and concept development. From brand idea, through naming, logotype design, preeliminary sketches of store interior to packaging. 
The main goal was to merge the idea of natural, organic products with high pharmacetical standards and scientific base which company holds.

The packaging design stage was a huge and complex process. We had to deal with different sizes, volumes and materials for more than 100 skincare products (and it still growing). To improve navigation among dozens of bottles and jars we developed system of codes and pictogramms (designed specifically for very small sizes).
Product ranges
The product range has been divided into several major categories (some of them shown below). Within the largest groups, there is also a number of subcategories. Each of their names refers loosely to the concept of time.
↑ Holistic Pleasure - series of body care products.
↑ The very first moment - series of products for baby & mom
↑ Daily miracles - series of face care products
↑ His moments - series of products for men.
Icon design for packaging 
There is a handy, quick info about each product at the front of its label. We put there all important facts and figures, along with custom designed codes and icons. These pictograms were specially created to remain legible at very small sizes
↑ Shortened info about the product at lower part of every label.
↑ Each icon represents different body part.
↑ Label code system consists of icons, abbreviations and special letter code (for skin and hair types). 
↑ Icons were designed specially for small sizes. They are simple, but curvy to have more feminine look.
Natural, sustainable, organic. How it's done?
Product packaging is made of recycled materials and intended for further recycling and reuse. Cardboard boxes are composed of 80% waste paper and recycled fiber. PET and HDPE bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic - so-called PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) material. Fully recyclable aluminum and glass containers are also part of the range.

↑ Every packaging includes information about material which was used to produce it.

Phenome Certificate (derrived from the logotype) indicates the organic origin of ingridients, while Product Transparency Chart lists the percentage amount of every group of ingredients.

Phenome website.
Mood photos
Below some of mood photographs, we've made.
Interior design
We've made also prelimanry sketches and ideas for store interior design.
Below you can find photos from Phenome Stores designed by Ego Studio -

Phenome - organic skincare products

Phenome - organic skincare products

Package design and concept development for a brand of organic skincare products.