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Inspiration comes in many forms. Some of us need to actively look for it, others are luckier - it just hits them like a thunder on a stormy night.

Anyone who is a creator - whether of art, functional objects or drinkable delights - has a complicated relationship with inspiration. You can't force it, and sometimes you lose patience waiting for it. 

I think that in the old days, inspiration came easier to folks. It is the overload of stimulation surrounding us that, to my mind, hinders inspiration. So it's no surprise that we turn to screens these days for inspiration. Because screens are pure escapism, in the best possible way. They provide us access to strange and wonderful worlds. And so we arrive to our recent project, Game of Thrones inspired cocktails.

This little graphic project is part of a larger project we are working on, Flaskaholic, where hip flasks meet stylish content. We believe that even a consumer product like flasks, either for men or women, can be wrapped in inspired content that elevates the user experience and provides added value.

So here it is, our graphic representation of how a love for a TV show can results in original creation, of booze.