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Guaraná Antarctica: Hands from Maués
Letterings and illustrations — Estudio Pum

concept — André Brandão and Fabiano Higashi
copywriting — André Brandão
lead design — Fabiano Higashi
art direction — Fabiano Higashi and Pedro Gabbay
illustration — Estudio Pum, Fabiano Higashi, Fabio Vido and Pedro Gabbay
calligraphy — Fabiano Higashi and Gisele Oshiro
letterings & typography — Estudio Pum, Fabiano Higashi and Pedro Gabbay
creative direction — Pedro Prado, Rodrigo Castellari and Theo Rocha
graphic producers — Guilherme Gaggl and Jomar Farias

Letterings — We used the vernacular typography from
Amazon region as an inspiration to 
our hand drawn letterings.

Patterns — Some of the patterns created by Pum.

The Book of Maués — Photos of the printed book.

+ More — A video about the concept and printing of the book

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