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    Open-plan apartment in Bruxelles.
Casa H, Brussels by Colombo and SerboliArchitecture (CaSA)
This apartment, conceived for a youngprofessional bachelor, occupies one floor of an office block on a wide avenuein Bruxelles city centre. The open-plan distribution was to be maintained, andthe brightness of its huge windows brought to the centre of the floor plan,still creating space for: living room, a small studio, kitchen, bathroom, awardrobe that doubles as guest room and a master bedroom and overlooking thequiet courtyard and a big tree.
In order to achieve it, glazedpartitions with different levels of opacity have been used as walls.Curtains layers are also used to preserve intimacy soften the environment andcontrol natural light.
The priorities were to optimize spacesand make a simple, rational open environment. Toilet and laundry room arehidden within an irregularity of the plan. The functions of a traditionalbathroom have been split into two different spaces: a secluded one containingthe wc, and a big and narrow glazed shower room next to the bedroom.
The project aimed atmaximizing possibilities with a relatively tight budget, through a clever useof materials.

Architects:CaSA Colombo and Serboli Architecture www.colomboserboli.com 
Photos byLaurent Brandajs www.brandajs.com andMatteo Colombo
Client:Hernan Rios
Project:Comprehensive Rehabilitation
Year: 2010
Use:Private Residence
Surface: 98mq.