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"Astonish Me!"
Alexey Brodovitch Airport Exhibition
Canvas Fabric, 60 Ib. Polar Matte Paper, Silver Foil with Ink processed over, Silver Fabric Ink
8.75" x 15.25" poster, catalogue, canvas tote bag
The goal for this project was to curate an exhibition on a designer held inside an airport setting and visualize it through creating a catalogue of the selected works with a three-dimensional component. 

"Astonish Me!" is an exhibition of Alexey Brodovitch's works set in the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia from August 22 to October 2, 2012. The show is curated by three major themes that I noticed ran through Brodovitch's works throughout his career: Shape, Repetition, and Motion and Movement. This concept is shown in the catalogue. Along with the catalogue and two differently sized posters promoting the exhibition, visitors can attain a tote bag as a souvenir and to carry extra items as they continue on their travels.