albelli rebranding introduction campaign 
With the new rebranding of albelli by VBAT agency, the albelli Brand & Creative department continued to develop and apply the new visual identity to all collateral material. On the 4th of October 2016, albelli introduced to the world the new visual identity together with an introductory campaign on all communication channels and online platforms, which showcased to customers the new identity look which conveys albelli optimism, enthusiasm and forward thinking.

Rebrand VBAT
Art-Direction Ludivine Mirigay
Campaign design and collateral material Alexandra Antunes
Stationery and pictograms Murray Wolters
Video Petra Joswig

Homepage banner leading to an informative landing page 
Campaign introduction video to new identity 

Visual identity applied to stationery elements

Business cards; each department has a colour associated with it

Advertorial example of how the new identity should be applied 

Pattern created for out-package for products; use of all logos plus pictograms created specifically for the rebrand 

Envelopes for prints and cards product; each size has an inner colour associated; copy adds an element of surprise when opening

Banderol to hold a pack of 10 greeting cards with pattern featuring product and themed icons