Friendly Fishes
Group of fishes hanging out together, what a bright and colorful pack they are. This piece took a long time in the making but it was worth it. Sometimes drawings take time and sometimes you get bored with them if they take too long at least that is the case with me. So what I did was that I drew something different between the fishes and so it was nice to continue drawing the fishes when something else was created in between. I think varying the drawings keeps the mind fresh. It is rarely easy to be creative and it is even more rare to be original in the creative field. So how do we better ourselves in this profession? Drawing more, watching inspirational images more, reading more? I believe all of those has to be done to get better, to get more creative. If you just draw and draw without studying the field or reading experiences from other artists it might be that the learning doesn’t have any variation and thus the drawings could end up dull.
Color Variations.
Fish Collection.
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