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    Final degree project in Architecture and Urbanism in 2009 - 2010

My graduation proposal was a project targeting a community in the middle of the sector of Pantanal, belonging to Mato Grosso area in Brazil.
The objective was to give birth to cultural-tourism in the area. Of course the natural beauty and traditions should be exhibited while enriched with some modern commodities, but on the other hand special respect should be payed to the protection of the environment and, most important, of the traditional lifestyle of the inhabitants. It's the very same people who will be materializing all new constructions, according to their techniques, always inspired by the local architecture.
In the center part of the village was identified the current activities also considered the abandoned terrains as to be incorporated by the project.

As that divided in five parts: 
1- Reception and restaurant
2- UH (bedrooms) - this terrain was abandoned
3- The traditions! The sweets, the cheeses, artisanal handicrafts, etc.
4- The house of village feast
5- Stables - through the village the tourist could get helped by horse but also by bicycle.
Native from Pantanal.
For many months the natives need to handle the natural flood, what is vital for the local life. 
Catched in sunrise...
A view through the Memorial Rondon to the center of the village

*Memorial Rondon is a museum (unfinished) in tribute of Marechal Candido Rondon who implanted the telegraph in Brazil and also defendend the indians.

Study and final decision for the reception and restaurant.

Study and final project for dormitories in the second terrain.
Bar near the bedrooms that was used the old abandoned house. It has no walls in the back and the tourist could feel like in a charming bar in the garden.
The view from the back of the old house bar.

Study and final decision for the place of traditions.
There is a house and house of the cheese to make the local sweets with the tourists participating or watching, places to sell the local handicrafts, place to watch the traditional dances, etc.
Scheme from inside of the house of sweets and cheese.
The tourist could watch and enjoy the local food just made being "out side", behind the courtain or participate.
House of sweets/cheeses.
Observatory of birds in the top of the hill.
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