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    Tribute to an epic muddy summer festival - Coromandel Gold 2011-12
A Tribute to An Awesome New Years Festival:
Coromandel Gold 2011-12

In New Zealand, New Years Eve happens in summer time, when the weather is hot and
everyone lives at the beach... however this summer torrential rain storms drenched the country.

The music festival I attended turned into one huge mud bath, the campgrounds were flooded
and the local shops sold out of every rainproof item of clothing in stock.

Yet, despite the mud and rain, 12,500 people partied on,
creating the best atmosphere I have ever been a part of.

This painted skate deck is a tribute to just that, we were filthy muddy, half drowned and looked like shit...
yet felt amazing and didn't let it stop us from having an amazing time.


"Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness,
has never danced in the rain."

resin added to create real looking water droplets