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    Series of photos for Peter van Recum as a submission for the German Hairdressing Awards.

German Hairdressing Awards Submission
A shooting we did for Peter van Recum for his submission to the Schwarzkopf German Hairdressing Awards. We had a bold idea for this series with clothing made out of liquids; water, milk, coffee and wine. And of course a fitting type of model to each of those liquids. So we found Annika, Maria, Tamara and Suki as willing victims for our crazy ideas. Not an easy job for them as they had to hold the same position for a long time while we splashed the liquids onto them. Especially Annika had to withstand a lot as we needed 3 sessions to get the water, ice cold water, right. But the girls did an amazing job.
As camera we used a Sigma SD14 with the new 50mm f1.4. It gave us really nice files to work with. The foveon sensor does bring a unique edge to the files, we love it. 

You can find a "making of" at our blog