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    My Final Project of BA Interior Design I linked together with my dissertation subject of how old, 'vintage' and new, modern design styles work to… Read More
    My Final Project of BA Interior Design I linked together with my dissertation subject of how old, 'vintage' and new, modern design styles work together in a seamless balance while being in a strong contrast. Read Less
The main objective of the project is to transform the Old Courthouse into a continuum of the previous Wapping projects. It perfectly fits the Wapping philosophy of using historic buildings and 'recycling' them into distinctive multi-purpose locations. The Courtouse will incorporate the functions of the other Wapping projects together with its current purpose of being a spiritual centre adding uniqueness to the project. The interior architecture welcomes people to follow the narrative of the space but also provides separate access to each of the functional zones. The design scheme is extremely symbolic - in each section the interior represents certain symbols linked to the overall narrative of the site.
The design stream in the proposal is rather metaphorical. Its most significant feature is the Whiplash going through one side of the building to the other - an interpretation of creating memories and leaving a trace behind. Each space flows to the next, therefore connecting them inside and outside. Respectively, it connects the Victorian architecture with the modern design, smoothing the strong contrast in between.
The main feature that goes throughout the interior architecture is a flowing organic form that continues from ones space to another. It creates partitions and furniture in a fluid motion as a metaphor of memories. The material HI-MACS (LG Hausys) represents exlusiveness and innovation. The material is intelligent composition of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments that come together to provide a smooth, non-porous and visually seamless surface which meets the highest standards for aesthetics, functionality and hygiene.
The 'growing' architecture represents an inspiration from the natural development of a plant. The extensions on both sides of the buildings will create enclosed spaces with maximum daylight in through using a photo catalytic self-cleaning Pilkington Activ Clear glass - a fully transparent and innovative material.
The proposed scheme is divided into three main parts, first and second of wiich will represent the functions of the existing Wapping projects, respectively restaurant/bar area and exhibition/performance area. The thir one will add individuality to the Old Courthouse Wapping project, providing library and meditation spaces, respectful to the previous use. The design proposal is devoted to the proces of developing oneslef in a spiritual way, searching for inner truth and reaching mental stability. It is not only a place of spiritual rituals, but a place where one is yet not detached from the joy of material aesthetics. The purpose of the building is to make a visitor reach a superior state of happiness - a transcendence which is reached by going through material environment as a sensual experience.
The egg sculptures deliver a strong social statement of how fragile the natural balance of our world is and that the human-kind is constantly stuck between good and evil (influenced by Yin-Yang philosophy).
Another inspiration for some of the interior features and decorations is Art Neuveau. It is 'a style of modernization that reflects the present times' which is also characterized as having 'sudden violent curves generated by the crack of a whip' by Hermann Obrist 1984, Pan Magazine. Its dynamic, undulating and flowing lines create a syncopated rhythm together with the Whiplash.
Final Model, Scale: 1:50
The image was chosen to be uploaded on the front page of the `Blackboard` university website of the final-year BA Interior Design students 2013.