Bergenfest 2017
Design, illustration and branding for 2017 Bergenfest. Bergenfest is a music and arts festival held annually in Bergen, Norway. This years theme was based on Bergen being the gateway city to the fjords of Norway. Keeping the space identity from previous years I created a gateway to Bergenfest. Incorporating elements of classic Norweigian architecture along with futuristic space and sound design. I also have a few of the many original sketches some unused looks too!
2017 Bergenfest Festival Logo
Official Festival Poster
Official day posters highlighting main and supporting acts
Bergenfest Holiday Card
Rocketeer Festival Beer! 
Merchandise designs
Web and Mobile
Initial design. My first take at creating a gateway to Bergenfest ended up too classic Viking. Working with the great team at Bergenfest we reshaped the gateway to be more futuristic with music being at the forefront. 
Initial digital comps of 2017 Bergenfest logo