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    3D (CGI) Volkswagen Baja Bug - Personal 3D vehicle modeling project done entirely in Blender 3D.
A brief history

A "Baja Bug" is an original Volkswagen Beetle, modified to operate off-road (think open desert, sand dunes, and beaches). This is a personal 3D modeling project I embarked on to push and polish my modeling, texturing and project management skills.
I started this project with nothing but a concept in mind and a handful of sketches I roughed out during one of many Mad Men binges. I spent a couple of days compiling a mood board and eagerly dove into the modeling. Good references for these old VW bugs are surprisingly hard to find, so a lot of the design is fudged a bit. I put bolts, wires, and hunks of steel and aluminum where I thought it made sense for them to be, and not always exactly where they would be in real life. I make do with what I have.
100% of the modeling was done by me inside of Blender. I created 95% of the materials and textures procedurally (meaning from scratch, no images or external resources involved) inside of Blender's node graph. There were a few places I had to use image textures, such as the flag and tire sidewall, but even in those cases the materials are heavily modified and influenced by the node graph. 
A few "detail" shots. Some grain and pixelation might be present due mostly to the final render export size. 
A simple breakdown of the tire and rim material creation inside of the Cycle's node graph.
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