Things That Ym-Ywha Counselors Try to Live Without
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Things That Ym-Ywha Counselors Try to Live Without
The Ym-Ywha Camp Season has officially started! And lots of counselors are hurrying to their dream work in Ym-Ywha camp. There is such a wide range of opportunities that summer Ym Ywha camps offer for those who want to work there. Especially attractive is a possibility to get visa for 30 days to travel around the US, so no wonder that such a big number of people wants to work here.

But for the fresh-comers, i.e. people who are going to work in Ym Ywha camp for the first time, there are some things from home that you are going to miss for sure. But you shouldn’t worry, as Ym-Ywha counselors will never leave you alone and help you make your summer one of the best time in your life.

Don’t lose courage, man, but it’s going to be a total refusal from Cadbury’s… sorry to say that. There is something quite weird for your taste called Hershey’s. Frankly speaking, it tastes good enough if you try it in s’mores.

We are sure for 100% that each day will finish with memories of your pets and longing that you were not good enough when playing with them. Every time on a Skype call you are going to ask your parents take your pet to the screen and just to see their faces and talk to them, even if they are absolutely not aware you are speaking with them through the screen. Some Ym-Ywha camps do have pets on the territory, so take your time and enjoy playing just to feel not so homesick.

A pillow
Of course, your home pillow won’t have place for it in the suitcase. And you can buy a new one on the place, and sleep on it. But as the days pass you will realize that in the whole world there is nothing better than that pillow on the bed at home. Habit creatures? Fiends? Well, probably even both…

Favorite TV series are not to be caught
Your days are going to be full of various activities. Summer Ym-Ywha camp means campfires, weird games, crazy sketches, lots of shows and competitions – we mean, you’ll forget about TV serials or shows that you were so fond of. Later you will accidentally run across a spoiler comment and you’ll understand that how much is needed to be caught up on.

Having a bath
The weather outside is just whispering to you to have a walk and enjoy ice cream on a sunny day. But all you wish is to have a hot bath full of red bubbles that would unwind your choleric day full of activities. Alas, the only “bath” property you own for the summertime is a humble cabin with shower.

We are people of that generation that can’t be fully functioning without internet connection. While your work in Ym Ywha camp the time in the world web will be reduced to minimum. First there comes shock – how will you cope with all life problems without advice from social media? But then you calm down and realize that you are facing one o the best times in your life. Enjoy it not being glued to your mobile phone screen.

It’s absolutely natural that you are going to miss you family and friends, especially in the first two or three weeks by the time settling process in the Ym-Ywha camp is over. For majority of people this travel is the biggest they have ever went for. If you feel homesick, and you try to struggle with that, don’t hesitate to talk to someone in the camp. You are not the only one who goes through this, so don’t be shy. On the contrary – be active, participate in everything, and you won’t realize that ten weeks are over, the time will flow unnoticeable.

How does a camp routine start?
7:30 starts with a melody that sounds throughout the camp territory. After that we have got only 45 minutes get up, take a shower, run to the gathering spot and watch the flag raise (this is a very important every-morning event, there are even strict rules existing about touching the ground and folding). After flag raising ceremony everybody heads toward dining hall.

One small cabin cleaning up and counselors go to open front gates. Parents with their children rush into to choose beds. A counselor, as a cabin leader, welcomes Ym-Ywha teen travel campers and helps them settle in. the first advice for counselors is to find common activities that the kids like. After playing games, telling rules, and getting acquainted the fun is not finished; there are more activities to entertain with, such as:
·         Talent show
·         Casino night
·         Beach party
·         Water wars
and many others.

But if it is the first evening in the camp, it is all for staff to introduce themselves, and tell the teen travel campers what they are going to do in the next three weeks. Anyway, it means lots of competitions with cheering and screaming. Even Ym-Ywha camp photographers are involved in camp activities. While making photos on sport field, in the boat or in the woodland, camp photographer becomes a participant of hiking, archery or any other Ym-Ywha camp activity. With thousands of photo he spends lots of time editing and organizing them with his head completely in the laptop.

Every day in the lunchtime and in the evening counselors have an hour off to relax? Have a rest of the responsibilities and spend time on their own away from teen campers.

Difficulties in adapting of kids
Any change of living conditions and familiar environment creates a new situation that requires adaptation. Summer camp is not an exception. Many psychologists conducted a special study on the well-being of a child in the summer Ym-Ywha camp, after which parents can be offered important advice and warnings.

Younger schoolchildren, like preschool children, do not easily experience separation from home, especially for the first time. However, junior students have already acquired skills of independence and are able to break away from the family for a while. But for a child not to feel unfortunate and abandoned in the camp, it is necessary to think everything over beforehand. Is he self-confident, independent or dependent, shy? Active or quiet? Is it not a fighter? Does he easily converge with peers? Delicate, vulnerable or firm, thick-skinned?
If a child is brisk, energetic and independent, he can easily adapt in an unfamiliar place. A quiet, timid, homely and at the age of nine will constantly "shrink" in an unfamiliar environment.

A newcomer who cannot in any way adapt to new circumstances and a new environment can become aggressive and stubborn, overly excitable, unable to concentrate. Feeling a painful sense of their difference from other children, a child seeks to hide, seclude himself; he has frequent mood changes, sudden tears. There may even appear long-forgotten babies-like woes: nibbling, thumb sucking, and enuresis. The unfortunate child in the  camp is able to make an attempt to escape home.