"Getting lost is the only way to have an authentic experience." 

Wanderfool is a wearable device that encourages people to be flaneurs in Rome's labyrinthine streets and allies, bringing them the joy of getting lost. 

The design of the sandals are inspired by talaria, the pair of winged sandals worn by Mercury, patron of travelers.

Equipped with an Arduino Nano, force senor, and two servos, Wanderfool knows when the user is standing still and wondering which direction to go. It would randomly flap its right or left wing to indicate a direction. When the user is in a sitting position, both wings of the sandal would flap as if it's urging him/her to get up and continue the journey.

Starting from but not limited to the city of Rome, we hope Wanderfool will lead people to discover all the hidden gems in any foreign land they set foot on. Don't just see a place, sense it!
Back view showing the ventilation holes for the battery and circuitry
Wings are detachable. Easy for transportation
Side view showing the lid of the circuitry storage space sliding out
Bottom view showing the circuit storage space inside the sole without the lid
A diagram illustrating the circuitry