First look at the article “Outsource photography editing company & freelance photo editing”
Every typical photographer who does not have photo editing skills or a start-up company that needs outsourcing photo editing services, wonders: Whom can we contact for help with retouching the photos? Today we will just talk about this difficult but necessary choice.
Outsource photo editing
The photographer with experience Leslie Flores in her article very clearly and in detail made out the main differences in the choice of a good specialist among the professional photo editing services and freelance image editing, demonstrating this on at first hand.
Probably, everyone has heard about freelancing and outsourcing, both positive and negative reviews. Some say that it is convenient and cheap; others say that it is risky and the quality of the performed work leaves much to be desired. Most commonly with regard to photo editing process, the worst fears come true: you paid money, waited a long time for photos (because freelancers do not have a fixed working hours, and most often they cannot be contacted) and, on the whole, toy got a disgusting result, and even worse, if your personal photos or photos of your client have been uploaded to the network without your permission.
Freelance photo editing
Consider the situation from the point of view of choice and cooperation with freelance and outsourcing performers.
As a first step Leslie posted her announcement about finding a retoucher by creating an account on Upwork. By the way, a few words about this platform ‑ Upwork is a job search site, mainly focused on freelancers, where employers can exhibit their tasks, and interested editors can contact the client only by correspondence. Talking about these negotiations, they take a lot of time, you do not understand which freelancer is honest and responsible, plus the time difference, there are many freelancers from India who grab for any job offer and for very cheap retouch the photos, besides, you can pay in advance for the work and do not get the expected quality of work, in general, you need to have great luck that from all the applications you find the appropriate and the best photo retouchers.
Outsource photo editing via UPwork
And it also depends a lot on your search for an artist, and most importantly, the price you pay for the job. You need a fair deal, so you always have to put the amount that meets your requirements, and which you really pay. Perhaps Flores tried to secure herself by pointing out in the ad that payment for retouched pictures will be made only after they are received, of course, this option can alert some photo editors on the site, and except for this the searches of the performer of your work can be considerably delayed. And yes, we will remind once again about confidentiality, there are no guarantees that personal photos will not get on the Internet.
But let's not talk about the bad; definitely, there are also benefits on the side of freelance photo retouching. One such advantage is the amount that you will have to pay if successful performance of your order, because you can find a freelancer that is much cheaper than the market value will fulfill your task, and in the process of concluding a deal you can try to request a discount, but do not push it, because you can be refused and then you have to start looking for a freelance photo retoucher from the very beginning. You just need to have the patience and time to find the right person who can satisfy all your requests, first of all, in terms of quality and timing. Observing all conditions of your agreements with the performer, you can not only quickly and efficiently receive an order, but also find a partner for long-term cooperation in this aspect of your work.
But luck happens, and your photos can be edited by a professional, quickly and efficiently. After all, there are highly specialized professional photo editing companies for photographers for this!
Newborn photo editing
An alternative to searching on Upwork and similar platforms are already existing companies, whose rating is backed by their authority in the market and, of course, satisfied customers. Strong examples of such companies are mentioned in the article “Fixthephoto”, “”, “Wedding Retouching”, the results of cooperation with which we saw in the article (comparing photos retouched by freelancers and this companies). If you want to use the services of such a company, it will have no difficulty and will not take long. These companies have a user-friendly interface and online chat, whereby you can contact the manager who will respond in a few minutes and politely answer all your questions. And most importantly, these companies have their own fixed prices for editing, guarantee the confidentiality of your data (starting with your name and ending with your photos), as well as perform everything on time clearly and fine-tuned. Most often, such companies are located territorially in the US or the UK, which in essence is the key to successful and high-quality work of professionals, and what was mentioned in the article is that you will be able to communicate in English and you will be understood.
Summarizing the above two aspects when choosing an honest and intelligent performer, you should always pay attention to the portfolio of the master, his feedback and rating on the site or on the forums. You need to approach the choice of the performer seriously and scrupulously. Will you search for the retoucher yourself or post ads, always study his examples of works and specify the freelance retoucher rates, to avoid misunderstandings. And maybe not to pfaff around with it, is it worth contacting the mentioned outsource image editing services? At least, judging by the portfolio and territorial location, this is a team of professionals, and there is a guarantee that you will not be deceived. Perhaps the price for doing retouching can be higher than that the freelancers’, but the quality comes first. So spend your money and time on something really good, and pleasant results will not be long in coming.