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There are a million photo editing companies for photographers offering different levels and quality of professional editing services, regardless of your location.
But how among them to choose the right and the best for yourself? The photographer Jennifer Mulrow helped us to hunt down a question, put online a very informative article TOP 25 Photo Editing Services Reviews, where she not only selected the most vivid professional photo editing services for photographers, but systematized them, by introducing a score from 0 to 10 on the following criteria: general rating, quality, speed, price, time wasted, support, content and usability of the site. For some people the ratings may seem too subjective, but it is what it is.
Jennifer, like any photographer, faced the problem of choosing the most suitable professional photo editing company for herself. And she, for sure, like every one of us, before choosing the services of the company reads online editing services reviews, but, unfortunately, as for this type of service, it is very difficult to find useful information. 
25 professional photography editing services
Therefore, she conducted her own experiment, selecting 25 professional photography editing services and sending them 2 portrait shots that required the most simple actions of professional portrait retouching.

Let's see what good it can do, we arranged the companies by the general criterion from the highest rating to the lowest one:
   1. Photorelive.com ‑ 8.71. The Jennifer's highest score, Photorelive reviews are pretty good, despite the rather high price and long editing time.
   2. Fixthephoto.com – 8.42. The photographer was satisfied with the site and its interface, but on this criterion put out 9 points, all because of the fact that this professional photo editing service offers a too differentiated list for photo editing, which some photographers may puzzle.   
3. Tucia.com ‑ 8.28. Despite the high price for the retouching of one portrait, Jennifer put high scores for Tucia photo editing, their content and the simplicity of the site.
   4. Essentialedit.com ‑ 8.00. The site is magnificent, as are the samples of their works, but there was no section with prices, they need to be clarified from the manager. The good thing is that all this is done quickly and conveniently, the prices are not too high.
   5. Nuderetouching.com – 7.85. By the way, almost all other criteria, according to Jennifer, are rated high scores, but the content is needed to hack up by the developers.
   6. Wedding-retouching.com – 7.85. This is the only site that specializes exclusively in retouching wedding photos, so Jennifer could not appreciate their professional retouching services, and besides, the price is very high $ 10 for one photo. But everything else is good.
   7. Highendbeautyretouching.com ‑ 7.71. Judging by the review, the girl was satisfied, although the price was still high, she had to pay $ 20 for the order.
   8. Fotofafa.com – 7.14. The Fotofafa reviews are the strangest of all: the score is high, the site is excellent, there are no examples of works, and the price is $ 60 for 1 hour of editing!
   9. Evolveedits.com ‑ 7.00. The same story with Evolve edits promo code, as with the coupon Retouchup, the photographer did not find it on the Internet, the cost for editing is even higher than in the previous company, but we do not know what we get for such money and what effects will be applied to our photos.
   10. Mylavalu.com – 6.85. What about Jennifer Mylavalu review? She even had to call managers to understand what services they provide.
   11. Proimageexperts.com ‑ 6.71. That's always the case: the prices are very low, but you'll have to wait about 50 hours to get the retouched photos.
   12. Weedit.photos – 6.28. Their professional editing services are focused on wedding retouching, but they took an order and retouched the portrait. But the service leaves much to be desired.
13. Sharkpixel.com – 6.28. In this company Kristina Sherk works, who does a lot of tutorials on Youtube, but the prices here are very high.
   14. Retouchup.com – 6.00. There were difficulties with the order and search for Retouchup coupon on popular coupon sites.
   15. Purplematrixretouching.com – 5.57. A lot of time spent, this site is most likely intended for retouching services for professional photographers, who are not afraid of such a complicated structure of prices and services, and who have already cooperated with this company not for the first time.
   16. Photorestorationretouching.com – 5.42. The order can be made only by e-mail, and in her Photorestorationretouching reviews, Jennifer said that the samples of their works are simply awful.
   17. Fotofix.com & Photofix.com – 5.28. The photographer found them twins and wished them to correct the error that when you start cooperation with their site, they ask for your e-mail to send you some spam, and they were prevented from becoming the best online photo service by their price and time for the performed work.
   18. Vitaledit.com – 5.28 points. All is well, but there are no examples of Before-After retouching.
   19. Picsera.com ‑ 4.28. If you still want to use this service, you have to spend a little time to understand the site and make an order.
   20. Photographersedit.com ‑ 4.14. The prices are high, the quality and the content are low.
   21. Retouche.com ‑ 3.71. According to Jennifer, this is the most expensive professional photography editing.
   22. Retouchgem ‑ 2.85. The rating speaks for itself, with the content and convenience of the site everything is fine, the rest of Jennifer did not even manage to evaluate; in general, they will never get on her list of the best online editing services.
   23. Photoeditingcompany.com – 2.57. No wonder this company is almost at the end of the list, do something with your customer service, otherwise you will not receive any orders.
   24. Shootdotedit.com – 2.57. It's impossible to find their Shootdotedit before and after examples, even this subtle ploy ‑ pay for the whole year! subscriber fee.
   25. Digitalphotoeditingservices.com – 1.71. The rating speaks for itself.
Summarizing the above, it cannot be said that the ratings were purely subjective, the evaluation criteria are quite simple and the most common, perhaps not all companies were included in list of the best photo retouching services, but then the article would have turned out to be much larger. In any case, consider these estimates when choosing a company, so that you and your customers are satisfied.
Rating by “TOP 25 Photo Editing Services Reviews"

Rating by “TOP 25 Photo Editing Services Reviews"



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