What's one problem you face when grocery shopping? How should it be solved?
As I entered Harris Teeter on a busy Sunday afternoon, I grabbed a shopping cart and filled it with Kale, Tostitos, and the ingredients for Ravioli Alfredo. I looked at my cart and walked through the isles of the store with the confidence that I looked trustworthy. I saw a mother and her college-aged daughter in front of the cucumbers; "Hi, I'm Owen and I design mobile applications for better shopping experiences. I would like to know what one problem is that you face when grocery shopping?" 

"The Line", the two said in unison. "How would you fix the line problem?", I asked. 

The daughter's solution was a delivery service and the mother's was a scanner that allowed you to check out items while shopping. 

Of the 39 people that I interviewed that Sunday afternoon, 17 of them also mentioned the line. 12 shoppers mentioned locating items in the store. 

The magic of the day came from learning what users would like to see done about their issues. Their own inventions, if you will. 

Although multiple people had the same issue, their suggestions for solutions were creatively different and insightful. Many people were even kind enough to have lengthy and entertaining conversations with me about the ills of grocery shopping. 

For the design process, I took their insights and crafted a solution that aimed to improve their shopping experience.

The following is the design. 
Screenshots from CREAM
The Experience

Before designing the app in Adobe XD, it was important for me to go grocery shopping and really put myself in the shoes of shoppers. 
Speaking with customers as they shopped was effective in uncovering issues while shopping.
Early Design

Designing was first done using paper mobile device templates. These templates allowed me to sketch ideas quickly and share them with friends, family, and potential users of the mobile app. 
Design Iterations

Using Adobe XD, I was able to create malleable designs that could be evaluated and revised quickly.
Using Adobe XD, I am able to draw view elements quickly. This speeds up the design process. 
Tying It Together

As I built out the designed prototype, it was important that I understood where users would go as they navigated the app and advanced through their shopping journey. 
The shopping journey within the app.
A Demonstration