Three Versions : Thirty Six Iterations
The image set for Napoleon Monkey started with the spine, the Monkey, the Skull (a medieval wood block), the Sun-Maid Raisin logo, “The Worlds Greatest Homosexual” by Larry Rivers and one of the “Rachaels” from the Pin-Up deKooning series.

In the early stages of this series a “lifted” version of a Rachael (from the Pin-Up deKooning series) was used to develop the left third of the image. Her replacement was the Monkey an image extracted from the famous 1982 Red Monkey Stamp from China. This has become a significant image recently.
The Napoleon image never really seemed at home and by the middle of the series had been eliminated. The replacement image was a portrait of Washington that had briefly appeared in an earlier work. I really liked the way the portrait feed into the woodblock skull image; actually all the heads are the same size.

Most of my works do not have an envisioned conclusion. Usually they simply arrive at a destination that has more to do with exhaustion. Over the course of a series life avenues are discovered, pursued, abandoned, rediscovered and then amalgamated until there is simply nothing left to explore. Once an image reaches the state where it has to become radically different from its beginning I simple abandoned it. Although portions of questions that are unanswered or are inspired tend to carry over into the next work. So in a way I am constantly working on an evolving image.
Version One Iteration Seven

Version One Iteration Eleven

Version Two Iteration Eight
Version Three Iteration Ten
Napoleon Monkey