Wunderbralitz (Wonder Bralitz) was a festival that was organized in the summer of 2014 with a team of 7 in an old trainstation surrounded by forests and fields 60 km from Berlin. We hat around 300 attendees - a very personal weekend of wonders.

Alongside with Joana Hueguenin I did the creative concept of the festival, starting with a website to sell the tickets to all of our friends, a "World of Wonders", tiny riso-printed booklets and much more.

People did arrive and instantly lost themselves in poetry, glitter, beautiful souls and found inspiration.
There were 7 miracles hidden to discover all over - some more visible than the others.
We had a 24h live music line-up, great food & drinks as well as yoga and creative workshops.
Happy treats for young & urban jungle people ;)

It was one of the most beautiful weekends of wonders you can imagine. For real.
Photos by wonderful Kai Bergmann
Huge THANK YOUS go to a wonderful team of helping hands.
Joana Hueguenin (design), Franzi (decoration), Elli (decoration), Caroline (BOB), Sabrina (clay workshop), Sarah (team), Stephan (team), Fabi (team), Leo (team), Gabriel (team), Adam (team), Gudrun (being) and many many more.