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    Character design for VW Polo (school task).
The brand for which I had to design a mascot was Volkswagen and I chose a specific model, Polo. The main keywords to VW were: "German", precise, reliable, high standards. Polo is made for younger people and has the feeling of "living is easy", but sure is not a racing car. Therefore I wanted to combine the German accuracy with friendly and loveable manners.

Wolfi was named and created after VW's headquarter that is based in Wolfsburg, Germany (literally Wolftown). I wanted his colours to resemble the German flag (golden, red, black) but then I kept only the yellowish-golden shade and chose brown for his main color. 

At first sight he seems to be wild and frightening, but his small beer belly and the rather funny eye-teeth somehow make him friendly and a great fellow buddy on the passenger's seat. :)