Doodle2Dedicate series
Dedication 1: Myself 
Dedication 2: My mom
No wonder she's such a mathemagician 

Dedication 3: To my dad
Don't you just hate shopping for someone (your wife) and 
always getting it wrong even with a list.
Dedication 4: To my brother
My brother is so guilty of this act. When you are excited after opening a biscuit tin, 
seeing a box of oreos only to find its an empty box.
Dedication 5: To my aunt
Ultimate coffee lover!

Dedication 6: To Zane Webster
Smarties addict. Not sure if we have all the smarties to thank for the knowledge.

Dedication 7: To Zahira Karjieker
She never says no when I offer something good, 
but I love her for it. My waffle buddy.
Dedication 8: To my Naanie and all the amazing aunties and moms out 
there who simply are magicians in the kitchen. 
Dedication 9: For Mumtaaz and Tariq's topic. Long distance relationship. One in South Africa and one in Australia. Distance means nothing when someone means everything.
Dedication 10: To all my friends, family and followers. Humaning is really tough sometimes. Like really tough. But here's a reminder that everything is going to be just fine. Unicorning would be fun, but hey humaning will have to do.
Dedication 11: To Ashleigh
 We all have our favorites, Ash loves peanut butter and cheese on bread. 
What's your favorite? 
Dedication 12: To myself, everyday, all day. Basically what I could live off.
Dedication 13: To Amiena, my cousin, who absolutely loves animated movies. 
Dedication 14: To my cousin, Muneeba , who has a selfie obsession. Car, mirror, with a cat, with a plant, in a lift, with a group, in the toilet, with your bae😂 matter how or where, or with who, thousands of selfies are taken a day.
Dedication 15: To Ihtishaam Galant who reeks of optimism. Always staying positive. 
There are three types of people in the world
Doodle2Dedicate series

Doodle2Dedicate series

I started this series as a dedication to my followers, friends and family. They would comment on my posts and I would dedicate a doodle to them.


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