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    Johannesburg - Just as the dust in the air becomes part of us as we breath in the daily construction and deconstruction of the city.
Running on Empty​​​​​​​
Listening to Johannesburg:
"The subject of this body of work is mined out of conversations, roof tops, walks, windows, reflections, human trace, movement and constant development encountered in daily Johannesburg city life. On the surface Anderson juxtaposes the individual with the Johannesburg cityscape, working directly from the familiar to develop her understanding of urban spaces. Like window reflections, the layers in her work suggest an introspective way of seeing the city. Combining reflection and fragments of the city Anderson provides an internal perspective of an external situation. The work engages with the notion that you – as the viewer – are interacting with the work from the position of observer looking through windows as a story unfolds and reflects back. The cityscape gains a personal element through the people, their meetings, conversations and shared experiences. The fragmented reflections in Anderson' s work suggests a gradual discovery of the city. Working with personal narratives in her chosen mediums she reveals binary moments of stillness and constant fluctuation in each frame. The works reinforce each other through the repetition of familiar shapes, colours and figures. Anderson's body of work speaks about discovery and re-discovery, constant change and reappropriation that is always with us in Johannesburg. Just as the dust in the air becomes part of us as we breath in the daily construction and deconstruction of the city, so too do the works of Audrey Anderson remind us of our physical and emotional links to the city of Johannesburg."
Feeling Fragile
Burnt at both ends
Walk over traces
Now now
Out the corner of my eye
Blinders in hindsight 
Cut both ways
Train waiting
Exposures and point of view
Trace reflection - blue hue
Trace reflection - pink hue
Trace reflection - yellow hue

This collection of work was shown at : A two person exhibition (Audrey Anderson & Ross Passmoor - 06/2015 - Gallery 2, Johannesburg) 
and , Fresh Produce - TAF 2015, Johannesburg.