I try to tell stories with my design, or at least give a glimpse of what goes on in my creative upper room. It ´s a challenge, but fun and extremly rewarding. To give birth to an idea and succeed in communicating to others what I am thinking is not easy, but very exciting. It is the charm of creativety. It is a living process that needs both space and freedom.

To communicate my clients' visions, to make you understand and appreciate the original idea is a wonderful challenge. I always try to find an expression and a language that creates a whole but leave enough room for your imagination to take over and continue the creative experiment. Colours, surfaces, lines and details come together in an attempt to impact you with my passion.

Every now and then I try to make time for a personal project, to strengthen my brand and evolve as a designer. By entering my own lab, I can experiment with new techniques, workflows and indulge in an area that inspires me. It is very useful to go into the gym and define certain muscles even more. Creativity must be fun, it must be a positive challenge - something that triggers you to continue to work hard. Cause it sure is hard work. Everyone working in the creative industries have different ways to get back to the starting point that once made us decide on this as a career. It is so important to recognize your own triggers.

Sometimes you get one of those ideas that simply needs to be born and realized in some way. This is one of those.


Research sketch for vehicle graphics.
The original theme sketch.
Even though this project is all done from within my iMac, I would´ve loved to have enough skills to trick you into thinking that these are photos shoot with a film camera, like an old Leica. I love the short depth of field that full format cameras produces.

I love the grain of film, and those ”analog” tones. 3D renderings are often way to perfect. Zero imperfections, boring, perfect colors, no grain and a somewhat plastic feeling. It takes alot of work to get away from that. This has been an experiment to find a workflow that let´s me create a different look with much bigger controll over the photographic qualities of the final result.

Tri-X, HP5, APX25 and Ilford Delta. Those names brings back great memories from the days of film photography. Perfect blackness, great tonality, beautiful grain and a slightly faded look. Shooting with primes only, wide open aperature at f/1.2 or perhaps even f/0.95. Razor thin depth of field. Vanilla creamy bokeh. This would be a fantastic way of portraying good design, but as of now, it´s just my inspiration for the following images.

Black and white never gets old.

I don´t know how many hours I´ve spent designing this engine, but it was so much fun and a great education.
I´ve really given it my best to make it look like it was built with love, by a master enginebuilder, like Vic Edelbrock. Digging deep into old manuals and looking at photos from shops like So-Cal has been my rescue. A wonderful journey to say the least.
6x2 Stromberg carbs. Modern art.
Drilled heat shields. Cool and very functional design.