Guapa Decó, a even more fancy display typeface.
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    Guapa Decó, a even more fancy display typeface.
Guapa Deco is a display, cheerful and colorful typeface that was published together with
the #116 issue of Neo2 magazine. Guapa Deco is a pure typographic entertainment that
explores the contrast and expressiveness in upper case characters and figures.
This type arises from the Initials set of my typeface Guapa. In Guapa Deco I wanted to go
a little further, increasing the contrast by four thick lines for the thick strokes and adding
serifs here and there. The aim of this design is to get that peculiar decorative effect that’s
common in the fonts related to Art Deco era. If you are interested in licensing Guapa Decó,
get in touch with me.
Guapa Decó in use at Neo2 number 116
First sketches for the figures