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Cowboy Illustration
The cowboy was illustrated in Adobe Illustrator Draw on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil.
I started from a portrait photo of my own using Lightroom Mobile Sync to place the image from my Lightroom catalog into the Draw project on my iPad.
I outlined the photo with black lines and then filled the shapes with solid colors.
Adobe Capture Shapes were used to decorate the illustration with patterns. The following screen captures show these shape patterns as they were created in Capture.

The neck tie pattern was created from a photo of a napkin found in a novelty store.
The texture in the leather jacket was created from a photo of a wood plank.
The pattern in the hat was created from a photo of fancy gift wrap.
The star pattern used in the background was created in Adobe Illustrator on my desktop computer. I placed the Illustrator pattern in a CC Library which made it available within the Capture mobile app on my iPad.
The background graphic was created from an image of stamped leather.
Shading and highlights were drawn on two different layers, one set to overlay blend mode and one set to multiple. I drew on these layers with a light opacity brush to subtly add shape to the flat graphics.
Cowboy Illustration


Cowboy Illustration

The Cowboy illustration was drawn from my own portrait photo using Adobe Draw on an iPad.