Master Thesis and project-  The Danube Museum | Between architecture and nature

Concept "urban landscape" , in its contemporary meaning, points out to the very connections between natural and build structures whereas elements of nature and culture are integrated in a whole that makes a unique picture of urban landscape. Chosen location is the city center where Danube meets Sava river, with essential elements that surround the site- Kalemegdan fortress, Big and Small War Island and New Belgrade site, and most important-Danube river.

Project Goals
Emphasizing the unique 'quality' of the place- which is in this case untouched nature in urban surrounding. 
The Architecture that is formed on the site tends to create relationships with its surrounding on various levels- with the river as a dock, with the Small War Island as a bridge, and with promenade as a canopy.  It's the architecture that simulates a bridge, that physically and culturally connects two opposed elements of the urban landscape- natural and artificial. 
It is an extension to the promenade, a dock, an overviewer and a Danube museum, emphasizing the river's great meaning as a former historical border between civilizations, and today's border between artificial and natural.