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    Creating Brand System for AXIOO
 AXIOO Photography

AXIOO isa word originally from Greek that means “beyond words”. AXIOO is one of the leading wedding photography inthe world. AXIOO’scredibility has been by their portfolio which has been published in severalluxury lifestyle magazines. Even figure like Martha Stewart does not hesitateto express appreciation of AXIOO’sworks.

Theyhad made it clear the purpose to rebrand is asserting AXIOO’s target market and quality. In an effort toshape the character of the company, we take a Greek Symbol, Alpha, (it's the origin of AXIOO's word) weprocessed the letter A into becoming what can be seen in the current AXIOO logo. The rounded shape of the word mark is based on the characteristic of camera lens which also represents AXIOO's field in wedding photography.

Not only the glitz andprofessionalism, we also want to show their creativity, soft, andartistic side of them. To show the latter one we include their mascots, Woofie and Oreo,into the brand system.

In summary, AXIOO is designed to be luxurious, creative,and aesthetic.  

Woofie and Oreo have been with AXIOO from the beginning. They grew up together with David and Felicia (the founders of AXIOO). They always greet every AXIOO's customer who comes to the office. They are more than just pets for the owners, they have become mascots for AXIOO itself.
This seasonal business card is inspired by each staff's personality and AXIOO's office culture. Representing the creativity of the company, AXIOO decided to have an ever changing business card design.