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    Product Design for Rtech in the Motocross industry
I started, as usual, in front of the blank page, with the pencil in hand and the head focused on the Rtech brand and their products. I immediately identified the goal of creating innovative and well-distinguished Motocross handguards, which is why the second step was to search and analyse the products of the major competitors, world-wide.

The central idea was to make the "R" icon and the product become one thing, one an integral part of the other, adding value in terms of visibility, recognisability and design.
In addition this project contains three creative ideas for the new handguards and a brand development through new graphic elements for an original merchandising line.
Competitors - Research and Analysis

We have explored among the world MX Plastics market leaders: Acerbis (Italy), Ufo Plast (Italy), Polisport (Portugal), Cycra (United States), analysing their strengths and weaknesses, technologies and materials they use on their products. Then we have outlined our design line to follow.
Graphic designs and compositions

Transformations, reflections, rotations, revolutions, is what we did "playing" with the Rtech logo.
We have developed various compositions by creating new graphic and typographical elements for use on new merchandising.