I love bedrooms. Since mid-2012, when I published "The G-Spot of the Bed and Art", I have no longer published non-commercial footage  Although I have shared some WIPs, most of the scenes were abandoned before I felt satisfied, so they are not part of my portfolio.

Now I share a scene with the proposal of trying to approach a photograph in every way (within the knowledge that I have, of course).

Basically the scene is a room with several cameras (Really?) In which I used simple and well-known techniques. The models are mixed, I mean, it's not all modeled by me. The focus of the study was the visual aspect itself and not new techniques of computer graphics.

Around 2004, when I started making my first renders with acceptable quality, there was a strong desire of the CGI guys to demonstrate how far it was possible to come up with imperfections and time marks.. In this work, I have rescued this ancient desire but with a more polished
and contemporary language. Bouguereau pictures, improvisations and other items that I admire were part of this combination.

Well, I hope you like it!