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    National Graduation festival and online database!
In 2014 I pitched the idea of making a national talent platform for graduates. This includes a festival and online website. This to introduce real talent to the business market with a big boom.
Not only to get the talent hired by a company, but also help them connect with the right people to start their own company.

The festival brings the people together in real life and the online page gives them a place to publish their graduation research. Not only of the talent, but from everyone that wants to urn some small money. These research documents can be bought for a small gift. This will help future students to find documents that fit with their own graduation. To combine all the research that is done by all graduation students in the whole country, you create a huge database that than also become interesting for the government, big data annalists and company's.

I think this can be a great idea, it just needs to find the right people!