Auto Studio Info Brochure

Aotu studio combines art space, hair salon, bar and a rooftop terrace. It’s It’s situated in a Hutong that’s in the ancient part of Beijing City. It is a cross-cultural and discipline collaboration platform for young artists. Their mission is to create a multifunctional space that hosts art exhibitions, seminars, film shows, workshops, experimental musical performances and in-person conversations.

11. 2016- 01. 2017 at LAVA Beijing

凹凸空间集艺术空间、发廊、酒吧和露台为一体, 位于北京老城区的一条胡同里, 是一个为跨领域项目, 年轻艺术家及国际合作打造的平台。创造一个涵盖艺术展览, 讨论会, 电影放映,工作坊, 实验音乐演出, 面对面交流展示的多功能空间是我们的宗旨。