Generative visualisation
How to transform an online library into a stunning experience representing its dynamic life?

The invisible online
In 2016 the director of the Goethe Institute in Bratislava approached us with the challenge to bring their Online library Onleihe closer to the people who visit their building. She was looking for a process that would be informed and an experience that would amaze.
Gathering information
At the beginning we’ve performed a profound research on the usage of the Goethe Institute building and the digital library. After prototyping different solutions we have settled for a visualisation, which fitted the client’s budget and spatial requirements.

Concept and creation

Natural complexity
Having in mind the long term lasting of the solution, we have decided to create a visual language that can span across different media. We were looking for metaphors in nature that would visually represent the dynamic life and variety of the media in Onleihe.

At the same time it was important that the visualisation is pleasing while being glanced from far but intriguing enough while investigated closely.

Constant growth of uniqueness
Each parametrically generated flower represents one book in Onleihe. Like books, no two flowers are the same.

A new flower blooms each time someone returns a medium.
The Onleihe plant keeps on growing mirroring the communal activity of the digital media consumers on the platform all around the world.