This the poster for a graphic novel I am going to write and illustrate for an online local magazine called My Kali.

I am really excited as this will get me be back into the discipline of creating comics to a tempo like I used to do with my magazine comic strip The Dark Side of the Spoon that you can find in this project folder:

It will be a science fiction existential story ...

This is the prologue:

Afloat in a place,that is not in any human realm or space, Seraphima was adorned in a dress thecolor of lapis lazuli. The flutter of her grey wings dissipated the cottonywaves allowing the warm golden threads to reach our mortal hearts.

"Good morning Arev Shad. Love for centurieswe had. It is time for a respite. Time for me to revisit the earth that I am somuch enamoured with! I bid thee farewell for now!"

No words came out of Arev Shad's cold lips. The beautiful deity sighed as she shotinto the black void. Wearing a golden weathered armour Arev Shad stoodsilent tending after the machinations without which life would cease.