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Some Ideas on Children’s Room Coloring with Ralph Lauren Wallpaper
We will start this article with words not referring to children. When Oscar Wilde was dying in the hotel room, he hated wallpapers in that cheap room. Due to his words, it was a duel to death that he was fighting with the wallcovering. So, think it over. Such a silly thing, you may say. Who cares about wallpapers?

We told about Mr. Wilde in order to remind every parent – room decorating matters. Atmosphere that surrounds your child is very important. And as a parent you should pay attention to every detail of it as everything in the room where they live will influence their aesthetic perception of the world and optimistic view of life. Wallpapers can make a room live or dead. They can visually break the walls or build them. It’s not just a material, it’s a psychology.

How often has your child begged you for makeover? Or is your child too little to ask, but you understand that the room needs some repair to make it brighter and more fairy-like? Today we are going to talk about some ideas of room decorating – both for girls and boys.

Design of the children's room - choice of colors
Psychologists believe that all colors have their own special effect on the person. For children, different shades have an even stronger impact. Choosing beautiful Ralph Lauren wallpaper for a children's room, it is necessary to pay attention to their color, its brightness and juiciness. Remember that too bright colors can irritate a child, but dark or dim ones will create a depressing atmosphere. Of course, before you follow some psychologists and designers recommendations about interior design for children, it is worth considering tastes of your baby.

Red is the brightest vigorous color of Ralph Lauren wallpaper samples. It is possible that in a room with red wallpaper your child will find it difficult to calm down, and will be constantly excited.

Yellow and its shades are considered the color of joy, brightness, fun. Yellow color of Ralph Lauren wallpaper promotes creation of a positive mood and is excellent for the play area.

Green shades have a relaxing effect on the body;

Blue is a cold calming color. It creates a sense of trust, contribute to creativity.

Purple Ralph Lauren wallpaper samples is the color of secrets and riddles. This color is considered a little heavy, so it is better to use it only in bright colors.

Orange color guarantees a positive mood! It is a light, bright and exciting color.

White, gray and black colors. Psychologists do not recommend using wallpaper for a children's room where these colors predominate.

Girls’ room Ralph Lauren wallpaper
At a young age, girls often imagine themselves to be princesses, and so they want to live in a magical world and surround themselves with fabulous and beautiful things. When choosing Ralph Lauren wallpaper, you should take this fact into account, since correct education at a young age lays a good psychological basis for the future life. A little girl who feels beautiful in 5 years, then will be more confident in herself, open and free. For a girl’s room this is a perfect match when Ralph Lauren wallpaper samples has pictures of magical castles and fairy-tale heroes, elements of fairy-tale adventures, flowers and plants, various patterns. Colors should be pink, orange, yellow, pastel shades. Ralph Lauren wallpaper for girls, first of all, should be a combination of gentle colors and harmonious design.

A room for a girl can be created from early childhood. It is usually customary to decorate a room in a gently pink color, but in early childhood you can use brighter pink shades. Best of all, young girls perceive images such as fairies, princesses, kittens and hearts. Such a print on Ralph Lauren wallpaper looks very nice. However, too much variegated drawing should be avoided; this will interfere with the focus.

When a girl becomes a teenager, the cartoon characters will be inappropriate. At this time, you can ask the daughter's tastes and preferences; find out what is trendy among young people. The Ralph Lauren wallcovering are well-known for their originality and fashionable look, because her friends will come to the girl, whom she wants to show off her room.

As for the color of Ralph Lauren wallpaper, it is customary to use pastel shades that do not irritate or oppress a child's psyche, you can choose the following colors:
·         Light yellow,
·         Apricot,
·         Pale blue,
·         Tender green.

Ralph Lauren wallpaper for boys
Boys from early childhood are eager for adventures and love to play active outdoor games. Therefore, children's room for boys should have fun games and a good mood. Ralph Lauren wallpaper for boys’ room are often a combination of colors such as blue-and-white, blue-and-white, red-and-white, and green-and-white. The first two options are very suitable for decorating a room for a boy in a marine style. Please, note that even for boys it is no good to choose wallpaper of dark shades. The only good combinations of dark shades will be Ralph Lauren wallcovering with the image of cosmos or starry sky. Ralph Lauren wallpaper for boys should be selected according to wishes and interests of your child. After all, someone is not at all interested in cartoons and heroes, it is better for them choosing something more appropriate to interests or hobbies. It can be children's wallpaper of soft colors with simple geometric shapes.

Ralph Lauren wallcovering for the room of boys is often chosen in blue tones, you can use gentle shades of blue. The main thing is the images on the wallpaper; they differ significantly from the wallpaper for girls. Most often, wallpaper is selected with focus on the overall style of the room. Perhaps the whole room will be framed in the marine theme or in the subjects of aircraft, or wheelbarrows, etc.

The main thing is to take into account the interests of your child. Some boys love the theme of pirates; others try to imitate fathers from an early age and are fond of football or other sports. Do not choose catchy and obsessive colors, not to annoy the child; also do not choose dark saturated colors. If the room is small, it will visually make it even smaller.
All Ralph Lauren wallpaper in the boys’ room should be resistant to cleaning and durable. Boys sometimes are much more active than girls and can often spoil the wallpaper. Wallpapers are also good because they are of different shades of the same color, so you can make a visual separation of the room, if two brothers live in it.

How to buy wallpaper depending on the age of your boy?

Psychologists believe that for each age there are best different types of Ralph Lauren wallpaper:
• to decorate a room for children up to 2 years of age, it is recommended to choose single-color, soft-colored wallpapers with a neutral pattern. Colors those are best to be chosen - gently blue, pink, pastel.
• for a baby up to 3 years old - you can vary Ralph Lauren wallcovering with bright elements. When choosing, the nature and individual characteristics of the baby’s behavior should be taken into account. Too bright children's wallpaper may not be suitable for very active boys.
• for children from 3 years of age it is recommended to use educational Ralph Lauren wallpaper: images of space, animals, starry sky; with pictures, considering which your child could learn more about the world around him.
• Among children of school age, children's wallpapers with heroes from cartoons and films are very popular;
• for teenagers, creative wallpaper with graffiti, musical instruments, school subjects and youth movements will look suitable.