Kamaliza 'Zanzibar' music video
Music video for Australian artist's 2nd release.

When we made Kamaliza's first music video for ‘Zermatt’ (his first) it was made up of 40 or 50 small dream like vignettes – our goal was eventually to expand some of them into full narrative music videos for his future releases. For Zanzibar, the second release from his project, Kam was keen on doing something with the clip that featured a mysterious robot from the first video. We came up with the concept of a robot being the last thing left in a world that had been destroyed by its own creations. Before everything was wiped out, the robots partner had been attacked and destroyed. Zanzibar opens with him waking up after the devastation has stopped. He embarks on a long journey around what is left of the world to scavenge parts to rebuild it's partner.

We were lucky enough to get 10 weeks solid working on the project. We modelled everything using MoI3d and Zbrush. Painted most assets using the Foundry's Mari. Rendered with C4D/Octane.