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    opensource conservation system
Modern society is deeply influenced by consumism like acquire food more than we need at the specific moment.
Result is a lot of waste, but not just this.

Our modern tradional conservations equipment, like the fridge, makes us unaware fo what we eat.
Today fridges are basically designed as closed boxes to contain food; we put almost everything inside it no matter what, cause we guess that low temperatures is the best way to preserve food.
The research of the designer Jihyun Ryou for the "save food from the fridge" project show many way on how preserve food without electricity in a better way than the fridge. (www.savefoodfromthefridge.com)

This project is based on the concept that we have to rediscover the awareness of what we have, what we can consume in the given time, and how to keep it better by making food protagonist, giving it visibility and nobility, in a modular opensource system design around the food that hollow the user to adjust the components compared to his own needs.