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The tech world is complicated, flooded with a dizzying number of custom solutions and integrations. The finance world complicated, too, entangled with labyrinthine regulations and constantly shifting markets. Navatar specializes in providing technology solutions for finance companies, which requires expertise that blends the intricacies of both fields. They came to us because their website was outdated and had grown to a point where the amount of information presented overwhelmed users. We figured out how to communicate a complex message without trying to say too much.
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F A C I L I T A T E   T H E   F L O W

Users are stingy with their attention, so when we have it, we don’t waste it. Right off the bat, we direct users to a simple dropdown that shows each of the 14 verticals Navatar services. No scrolling, no reading, no decisions; just a filter that points exactly where they want to be.
S M A R T   L E A D   G E N

Spoiler alert: not everyone wants to buy or request a demo right off the bat. So not every lead gen opportunity should focus on getting all of the users info for the hard sell. We created levels of engagement throughout the site that asked users for varying amounts of information in exchange for value, like product tutorial videos and webinars. Users learn more about Navatar’s offerings and Navatar gains remarketing data to move prospects through the funnel. It’s a smart approach to lead generation.
P U T T I N G   T H E   " L E A D "   I N   " T H O U G H T   L E A D E R S H I P "

Navatar’s motto is “Lead, Not Lag,” and they live it in sharing their expertise, with both clients and non-clients. In addition to clear selling points on the product pages, the site features a robust resources section with blog posts, webinars, and ebooks, organized by industry. With a rapidly expanding library of content, the section was built for easy and flexible authoring that makes it easy to include video, text, charts, and images.
C L E A R   P R O D U C T   S T R U C T U R E

Sometimes, it’s not the amount of information that’s an issue, it’s the way it’s presented. For Navatar, that meant changing the way product stories were told and organizing that information in a way that is easily digestible and gives users a clear path to find out more if they want. So instead of packing all the available bullet points, videos, and charts into the page, we cut down the amount of information the user needed and then gave them ways to find out more if they wanted a deeper dive.
M O B I L E   F O C U S

When it comes to user experience, we can’t control how long a user has to spend (generally not much!), what their mood is when they get to a site (is their boss hounding them to make a decision?), or whether they’re using the most up-to-date browser (probably not). We can try to anticipate those things, though, by tracking user behavior and following analytics trends so the site is as responsive as possible. From any device, the site is easy to use and main content areas are only a swipe or click away for the user.
P R O J E C T   T A K E A W A Y S

"I would definitely recommend Huemor to others. My company needed a website that addressed a number of competing priorities, and Huemor was able to navigate these complexities to deliver a very satisfactory product. They were professional and patient throughout, and was very thoughtful in their approach."
Cindy Hustveit, Marketing Director
Navatar Group

Navatar Group


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