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    Branding and Packaging for craft beer
JAN vir die alleman
Craft Beer
Jan is a craft beer especially for proudly young SouthAfrican men. Men whom are sophisticate but whom are capable to do all thetypical things South African men do like, play rugby and braai. Thus the slogan: Jan die Alleman. Theillustration is of a man that looks like a hipster but has many arms to showthe many things he is capable to do.

The packaging is made out of recycled material to cater tothe needs of the hipster target audience. The beer can be brought as a six-packor a three pack. The bottles aresandblasted to give the beer a cold, frosted look.
The applications are all different unconventional ways ofopening a beer bottle. Whenopening a bottle, one can show-off his strength. Thus contributing to the concept: a sophisticated young men,whom is also strong and capable a lot of other things.

Beer label for beer bottle
Packaging can ether brought as a six pack or 3 pack
Application 1: T-shirt with leather patch to open beer bottle with
Application 2: Beer opening device mounted to tables
Application 3: Sunglasses pouch.