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    This project was specifically focused on creating a more comfortable weed trimmer for commercial users.
This project was specifically focused on weed trimmers. Through field studies and experimenting with current models, we found that there were many pinch points and pain areas discovered while using current configurations. Most of the pain and fatigue was generated in the wrist, shoulder areas, and lower back. This was mostly due to the common motion of using a weed trimmer.
We started our research by simply going to the store and trying out different models and configurations of weed trimmers. Each group member had a printed out hand and body diagram in which we circled the areas that caused the most pain. We then used this same technique on a few outside volunteers. This gave the group a clear overlap of the areas we needed to focus on.
Anthropometric Studies
The final concept included a back mounted engine with extra storage compartments for tools and cutting string. we took inspiration from traditional arm crutches for the throttle controls and handle. By strapping the back of the handle to your forearm and turning the throttle handle to an up-right position, we eliminated the awkward bend in the wrist and reduced shoulder fatigue.