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    Branding for Spot, a digital marketing agency based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Branding designed at Spot, a digital marketing agency based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, owned by Patty Voje (fun fact: she's my mom!). The original logo design Spot had was a simple orange circle with text. After blowing up orange balloons for an office event, our team decided that the branding could be taken to a new level to capture the fresh, lively energy of the office and rebrand Spot as Saint Paul's creative agency. Starting with a photo of an orange balloon, we made a list of orange, circular objects that represent all of Spot's employees, whether it's someone's love for basketball, animals, or donut Fridays. The orange objects were then combined with bold patterns, a vibrant color palette, and a modern design style that bring life to the brand while staying true to the original orange logo design.