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    Along a team of 2 fashion designers, participated in the SCAD's 3rd Annual Fashion showdown sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch.
Along a team of designers, I participated in SCAD's 3rd Annual Fashion Showdown: The Abercrombie and Fitch Design Challenge.

The criteria of this competition was to create a fashion concept with the given materials and tools within a time frame: 5 hours.

The emphasis of our piece was to create a strong contrast between sharp and geometric shapes and the organic flow of the fabric. Also, a high attention to detail was depicted by placing and repeating the pins on the red fabric. Balance was given to the whole piece by making the skirt asymmetrical.
Even though the dress has 3 parts, every component works together because the bag came from the cutout of the shapes placed on the back of the dress, the triangular shapes on the skirt contrast with the sharp edges on the blouse. overall it was a successful piece because is dynamic and harmonious among its components.
It was a great experience working with such great and talented designers like Remo and Nathalia.
The dress was displayed at the SCAD Museum of Art along the other teams' work (around 25 groups) that participated.

For more pictures visit Design is cooler.