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    Poster illustration in 2 colours.
Client: Martinborough Business Association
Project: Event/promotional posters, online banners

The Martinborough Business Association run an annual barrel race on the eve of Toast Martinborough to entice everyone into the square, to experience the fun side of Martinborough and to eat, drink and be merry. The poster needed to reflect the fun of the race.

The 2012 barrel race is the second time we've designed a poster and we wanted to build on the boozy baron character we developed last year. This year we choose to portray more of the business barrel race part of the event, which is taking half barrels and pimping them up into soap box style racing machines, throwing a rider in and pushing them through a course to victory. So Lord Vondooggledagen is pimped up with his peanut shell helmet and protective googles, while his barrel has a coat of paint, some pyromaniac flames and Pirelli rubbers.