Internet Explorer
I was approached by Steve Lawler from Kult Magazine, a super awesome artist. 
He is starting a new kids magazine, Eyeyah! and I was invited to be part of it. Super thrilled! The theme is the "Internet".
Make an A2 artwork that makes children and adults fascinated about the internet. 

Exploring the internet is like going on an adventure to a new land except you are in one location without physically travelling and you can explore it daily anywhere. In the land of Internet, it seems anything is possible and can change your perception.
The internet is filled with beauty, mysteries, surprises, knowledge and hidden secrets all waiting to be found. To visit this land,  all you need is a connection (wifi), a computer and an open mind.

A few fun activities are hidden inside the poster, 
(if you want hints, highlight the the area below with your cursor).
1. Spot the hidden Internet Explorer Logos (I made it into a character)    2. Check out coordinates in Google Earth to see some mysteries.     3. Look at things differently, is that the night sky or a dark mountain.    4. Get brain twisted by infinity structures and optical illusion art.    5. Meet mystical creatures, the loch monster and the photoshopped creature (Flamingo lady).    6. Learn new things - A skill, language, a myth, science or an art piece. You can also do that by social media (Facebook)    7. Get dizzy with all the overwhelming information.     8. Unlock your brain to gain more potential.
Here's the print version, I wanted it to be colourful yet a mellow and muted at the same time. 
Easy on the eyes.
Below we have the web version, colours are totally crazy and it makes you dizzy 
exactly what the internet does to you when you delve into it too long.
Some gifs I created as instagram teasers :)​​​​​​​
Shop the magazine here and shop the print here!​​​​​​​
Image: Courtesy of Eyeyah Magazine
Hope you had a ball!