Optimize Logistics

These are my proposed logos for Optimize Logistics - a start-up that could be thought of the Uber Pool of cargo freight haulage. Whether it is a company's own fleet or using Optimize's branded fleet the idea is to keep all trucks at their optimal capacity and routing. The ensuing data usage is the main focus of the app so I used that as a starting point for designs. 
After sketching I started by substituting polar and pie charts for the 'O'.
Next I looked at a radial chart and then circles with arrows.
Since it's transport I looked at using arrows in different ways to indicate movement.
I thought I should have at least one concept with a truck in it so I used dots to represent the data produced by optimizing cargo loads.
Finally I used a gauge (for efficiency), a box extending (for cargo filling a space) and substituting a graph for the 'M' to produce my three favorites.