Costumer: Ukavd essentials, Australia,

With a relentless commitment to design, UKAVD creates innovative products that provide customers with an uncompromising, elevated experience — one that exceeds expectations while raising industry standards. Their customers want the best-built solutions for housing and protecting their products: clutter-free design and lasting durability.

Project information: «Mapuche» is a limited series of iPhone 5 cases inspired by trible theme (The Mapuche are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina). We tried several variations of lettering and chose the minimalistic one which is harmonize with brand logo. Wood box makes product exclusive, good-looking, fashionable, hand-made and have good ergonomic characteristics. It`s more than just a box — it`s an art object that can get a second life. Box made of natural wood, has magnet lock, hole on the front side helps to open the box and shows us internal content. Because of this, it can be a pleasant gift for your friends or sign of attention.
Patterns by Vasare Nar.