This is an example of the extend to which I will go for your company's integrated marketing campaigns to promote your product and service launches. Working with an extremely tight deadline I created the overall visual. Through my creative direction, management, development, copywriting and implementation, the following were developed and carried out within 8 days; the overall visual experience, 2 audience appropriate landing pages, banner ads, online and print advertising and a series of 6 email campaigns. 
Think of it as a "revolution" with a silent "r". Interthinx was  at the forefront of the paradigm shift from fraud prevention focus post-funding to pre-funding. Hence the Interthinx revolutionary product is experiencing an evolution along with the rest of the company as it continues to expand it's products and servicdes to include compliance, loan review and predictive analytics services to the financial industry.

Involvement: concept, creative direction, visualization, marketing strategy, creative strategy, copywriting, photo-editing, email marketing design, build and implementation, landing page design, build and overseeing implementation, banner design and creation and print design, copy writing, production and implementation.
Banner ads and print ads run in conjunction with a series of emails.
Email campaign efforts successfully increased awareness and prepared users with adequate training and answers to questions and concerns.
The inital email campaign sent users to a landing page with a calendar of available classes.

Following the release, emails targeted potential customers sending them to a landing page from which they could schedule a demo.